Rear, dash, front fog and number plate lights


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Unhappy Rear, dash, front fog and number plate lights

Hi, having a problem with a ford escort (96 i think). A whole part of the electrical system has gone down, it includes the rear lights, front dipped lights, front fog lights, dashboard lights and the number plate lights, there is probably some more that I haven't noticed yet. I have checked all fuses, the in-car and under the bonnet ones, all fine. Tryed checking the relays but not sure what to look for, if this could be a possible cause?

Any help would be very appreciated.

Thanks Grumbler
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In theory, the car is not old enough to be having wire harness problems, but it is a possibility. You may have missed the proper fuse/relay, check the cover for the legend of what fuse is for what.
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94 Ford Escort - real tail lights out

The side lights and the license plate lights work just fine. When the headlights are on what I would consider "running lights" are not. Break lights work fine and I checked the fuses which are also fine. Any ideas?

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