'86 Celica Rough Idle in Drive


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'86 Celica Rough Idle in Drive

When my car is in drive I'm ideling at 600-650 rpm and it's pretty rough. In park I'm at 900 (aprox) rpm and it's smooth as silk. Just changed out the plugs, wires, cap, rotor, oil change and the like. The only abnormality is the oil pressure is low except when accelerating and the plugs had white residue with a little carbonation. Car is an '86 Celica GT, FWD 2.0L 2SFE with 82,000 miles. No othe outward indications of anything wrong. No hard starts. No smoke. Just the timing I hope?!?!?!?
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There could be a number of things wrong.

Check your air filter

Spark plugs and wires

PCV valve

MAF sensor

MAP sensor

Idle Air Control Valve

Throttle position sensor

EGR Valve

and about 20 other things.
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Have a compression test done.

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Check your engine/trans mounts........see if any of them are sagged/broken.........Most normal people call them engine mounts.........Dealers call them "insulators" as in insulating engine vibration from the rest of the vehicle
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Motor mounts are good, so are the exhaust insulators. Getting started on the various sensors... Thanks for the replies and wish me luck!

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