grease fittings

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grease fittings

Being an old timer,I remember when ball joints and tie rods had grease fittings. when i asked different techs to install fittings on my two cars i was told me that it can't be done or that it would be too big of a job and not worth the expense.but about 12 years ago a repair shop that closed with the owners death installed 7 grease fittings at their suggestion that took less than 1/2 hour. why won't anyone install grease fittings anymore?
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Maybe the same reason you don't wear button shoes and read by whale oil lamps?
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Grease Fittings

The most likely reason for this is that many parts do not come with plugs installed in the part. A lot of times the tie rod or other part used to come with a plug that could be removed and replaced with a grease fitting. Many of todays parts don't, they are "lubed for life" (yea right) and don't even have the threaded hole in them, so you would have to drill and tap the part to install a fitting. Definitely not worth it.
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I'm an old-timer too and I well remember the days of grease fittings; we called them "zerks". You don't say what type of autos you have , but if you want to replace tie-rod and ball joints, shop the higher end after-market suppliers, I'll bet they are still obtainable. Moog comes to mind.
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They are still called zerk fittings aren't they?

I have a 51 ford f-1 that has aprox 50 grease fittings. My wife has a 2003 merc that has none

I think one of the reasons they use the ungreasable joints is with better lube, fit and seal they will outlast an unmaintained greasable joint. I've noticed at auto zone that with some of the u-joints, the 1 yr warrantty has zerk fittings and the lifetime don't
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doubt that it has anything to do with better lube tie rods and ball joints do wear out on late model vehicles alot as per warranty they can sell you a cheap part at a higher price and can afford to replace a few under warranty but most people dont keeep cars long enough to use the warranty by the time the parts are worn out again it is sombody elses problem.
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Although this is merely my beleif with no proof but to the poster who made the suggestion of drilling and tapping for a zerk. Many of the parts (especially tie rod ends) have rubber in them. Many types of rubber will be degraded by grease.

So instead of lengthening the life of the part, you would actually be shortening it.

I've always tried to replace parts with parts that are greasable. For my Ford PU, they just aren;t made, at least I couldn;t find them and I looked.
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I think its becouse the auto makers know its cheaper to make them with out the zerks installed, and the part will wear out about the same time as the warrenty does! and they can sell you a new one. Plus its a rare bird who does his own stuff these days, I worked in shops for past 10 years and it shocks me what they charge people to fix things.Ill do it myself if i can...

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