Rears brakes sticking - 99 Dodge


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Exclamation Rears brakes sticking - 99 Dodge

I have a 99' Dodge Durango. The rear drum brakes have suddenly begun to hang up. I initially thought it was just the right side, but it is both sides. When I apply the brakes then let off, it takes a few seconds for them to back off, but only just enough for the vehicle to move in gear (they are still grabbing a bit). After a few minutes of driving without brakes, they will back off some more. I checked the hardware and springs and they are fine. I thought it might be the brake cylinders, but because this is happening to both sides, I'm at a loss. It has ABS, but the MIL isn't on and no codes are present. Anybody have this issue or an idea as to what's up? thanks
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In a stopped position: apply your brakes hard, go to your rear brake bleeders and crack one of them. If there is pressure from the bleeder, close it and reapply the brakes. Go to your master cylinder and crack the rear line fitting at the master. If there is pressure there, the problem is in the master cylinder. On the line going to drum brakes there is usually a residual check valve (little hat-shaped job) right at the line fitting that can cause problems, although it's unusual.

If there is pressure at the wheel and not at the master, there could be a problem in an equalization splitter right after the master or in the abs unit.

For the ABS unit check line pressure before and after having applied the brakes to build up the pressure.

If line pressure isn't present (but will very likely be) the problem will be inside the drums.

Hope this helps,

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Check your parking brake cable too and see if it's not hanging up in the housing. I have a 96 Dakota and after every snow season have to re-lube/work the parking brake cable to get it freed up.
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Thumbs up Solution

After beating my head against the wall just knowing that sometime in the last 25 years I had a similiar problem, I remembered something that happens to many a front flexible brake hose. They degrade. And that is exactly what happened to the rear flex hose. Problem solved. Thanks for the help!
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