'98 Ford Windstar rough running


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'98 Ford Windstar rough running

We've got this '98 Ford Windstar with a 3.8 V6, 150,000 miles and up untill now does not owe us a dime.

The engine light won't go out and it runs very rough at idle and at stops.
NOTE: the engine light has been going on and off for the last year or so. Now it's on steady.

The transmission also has a hard time down shifting when decelerating right before we stop, like coming to a stop at a stop sign. It lerches foreward whith every down shift, kinda like if the idle was too high.

I think the problem may be related.

I'm thinking EGR valve for the rough running at idle and stops and throttle position sensor for the lerching at stops ?
Other than that it accelerates fine and runs great on the highway. It did have a tune up about 30,000 ago.

What's do you think ?
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get a scan tool and check the codes, it'll usually tell you exactly what is wrong
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Pull the codes

There are many DIY auto part places that will do it for free or a small fee

Just don't buy anything w/o posting up the exact codes for interpretation

Many of those places are famous for selling an O2 sensor when the code say "O2 sensor reads lean"..which is like shooting the messenger of the bad news
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How much are these scan readers and do they work on multiple manufacturers ?

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