Im having a RPM problem 1992 Ford Explorer


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Question Im having a RPM problem 1992 Ford Explorer

I have a 1992 Ford Explorer. My RPMs are stuck at 3000 and wont go down. If i put the peddle to the medal the RPMs will go up to almost 4 grand. And it will go back to 3, no matter how fast im going it is atleast at 3. Does anyone know what the problem is? Or what i need to fix?
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Sounds like either a stuck throttle body/cable or throttle position sensor most likely.

Inspect your throttle body where you cable connects. Make sure it's not binding up on anything.

It also could be the EGR valve but most likely the throttle body/cable or the throttle position sensor.
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Sound like Idle Air Control (IAC) valve is bad, I have seen those symptoms on ford with V6 engines.
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I'd check the throttle cable/Throttle body first. Disconnect the cable and see if the idle goes down.........or you can make it go down by tweaking the throttle body. Clean the throttle body out well. and also check for a stuck seized cruise control solenoid........Then head toward the IAC if all looks good and still racing.
The EGR valve can only fail stuck closed or stuck open. Stuck closed you get engine ping under load, stuck open and she'll idle rough (assuming the ports are clear).......

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