96 Stratus can not start !!!!


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Angry 96 Stratus can not start !!!!

I am a new member and desperately need help.
My Startus 96 V6 2.5 L does not start at all. I check batery is good.

When I turn the key to ON, only brake light at IP is on, all diagnostic lights are not ON. The startter not crank at all, I check fuses and fuse link is OK. No juice power at starter terminal.

I put the gear to neutral and the engine not crank at all.

I change the ignition switch, it does not help either.

I read the Chilton repair book and see the Automatic shutdown relay on the diagram, but can not locate it in the fuse box. Where is it?

Please help, what should I do. I am very appreciate for all your help.

Thank you very much.
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Thumbs up 96 stratus does not start

You may want to check your computer in your car. on this car I am not sure where it is located. You may also want to check under the hood in the fuse box for the automatic shutdown relay. let me know if this helps.Also check the connections to the starter for a possible loose or corroded connection.Also check the battery cables going to the starter.
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Angry How to check the starter in the Dodge Stratus 96

I check connection from the batery to the starter is OK. The batery is good. I replace new automatic shutdown relay.

The car still does not start.

Howto check the starter in vehicle? Please help. Thanks in advance.

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