Brakes go to floor


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Smile Brakes go to floor

Own a 96 Ford Contour GL, 4d, 4cyl car. I noticed brake light on and checked fluid, needed some, filled to level. 4 days later light came on again did same but now the pedal goes to floor and will not pump up pressure. I suspect this is faulty master cylinder, however this vehicle only has 78k miles. Very low mileage for mc to quit. All pad levels are good as well as shoes on back.

What must I do to determine if it is booster/mc/etc? Would it be prudent to check for leaks at the calipers on front and similar area on back? This car has the beloved ABS system.

Thanks for all help and suggestions.
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sounds like the matercylinder to me. you got seals bypassing in there, maybe a bit of crap in there, who knows. mixing brake fluid can has catastrohpic consequences like above if you put two different incompatible brands together.
just cause its done only 78k means nothing, i have had brand new cylinders crap themselves within weeks of being fitted, i have seen brand new cars come back with no brakes once in a while cause of stuffed master cylinder.
so all you can do is either pull it apart and clean it out and see what you find or get a new one.
also, if it goes to the floor, got nothing to do with the booster.
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Check the rear wheel cylinders and all brake lines and hoses for leaks.
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As suggested above, check under the car for leaks, all brake lines and all 4 wheels, and inside the car under the brake booster. That much fluid has to go somewhere. If it was the master cylinder internally leaking past the seals, the resovior would still appear full.
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my assmption is taken from him meaning some as in a little bit, not empty, still atleast half full.
maybe more input from the poster is needed to asertain the exact amount of fluid put in.
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fluid loss

Any fluid loss is no good in that short of time.You will have to add fluid as brakes wear but not that much,I also suspect the master cyl.fluid might be leaking into the booster and that in itself is not a good thing as it can wipe out that part of your system also.
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If the booster was bad the pedal would be hard as a rock and you would probably hear a hissing sound and have to stand on the brakes to stop.

Does the pedal sink to floor or does it fall to floor ?

It does sound like a bad mc.

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