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Unhappy starting problem

I own a original 82 Ta with the quad carb HEI,305 engine.
It has done this a couple times but far between, usually starts and runs good.
once back in the summer it did this and now it did it again and this is cool november, so i don't think the colder weather has anything to do with it.

The problem is I can go into a store today and ten minutes later come out and it will crank good but will not fire even with repeated shots of gas from the gas pedal without flooding it.
Then I let it it sit for a few minutes and then turn the key and nothing happens nothing ! no click ,no cranking nothing.
I wait a few minutes getting mu thoughts together and then try again and it starts cranking again but will not start, I looked down the carb while someone pumped the gas pedal and it squirts good and i smelled gas pretty strong so i proped open the butterflys for a couple minutes to let it dry out just in case it had too much gas, tried it again and it just cranked but never hit.
I sprayed some starter fluid into it just to see what would happen and it tried to start after a few cranks, I did this a couple more times and then it fired up and ran good.
I shut it down and it started right up again fine.
I was a little under a 1/4 tank on gas but it never has been a problem before that low but i went and gased up anyway.
I shut it down at the station and it fired back up just fine then too.

Anyone know what this problem is ?
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First thing will be to isolate it to either a fuel problem or an ignition problem. Next time it's in the crank but no start condition you need to pull either the coil wire or a plug wire and hold it near a ground point while someone cranks it to see if you are getting good spark. Also wouldn't hurt to check fuel pump pressure, but I'm inclined to think you have an ignition problem.
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Is it possible for the problem to be the HEI coil going bad?

How can i test the coil if thats it.
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Sounds like you have two seperate problems.

You may have a bad ground somewhere or bad battery cables causing no crank. Ques. When it won't crank ( nothing ), do you have any accessories like headlights, horn, radio or interior lights ?
If you don't then you have a bad ground or bad battery cables.
Easy fix.
I would take care of the No Crank/No Start problem 1st and it may fix the other.
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When it won't crank I have lights and radio ,everything.

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