87 Ford F150 4.9/300ci six-4spd


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87 Ford F150 4.9/300ci six-4spd

Just bought this pickup the odometer shows 84,000 but I think it's 184000. It has an oil leak(small puddle the size of a softball) after sitting overnight. Does anyone know the history for leaks on this engine. I know some engines have a history for leaks from differents spots, valve covers, main seals, oil sending units, pan gaskets, et. any help or guideance is appreciated. I think it may be necessary to just get under it and power wash the whole thing a wait to see where the leak is, however, that is so messy, you almost need to be wearing a beekeeper suit to do that, it always blasts back in your face. Thanks and have a nice day. Geo
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Sorry, had to laugh at the beekeeper suit line.
Yea, your right about the splash back but I would take it to one of those quarter car wash joints and hi pressure clean it.
Cover the electronics especialy the distributor and module.
Fords have a long history of bad rear main seals from the 1960's to the '80's
Very frustrating and expensive repair and may leak again soon after repair.

Mabey carry an old pan with you and pop it under the truck when you park if you don't want the mess in your drive way.

Had a '67 Buick that leaked and my land lord made me put a pan under it when I parked. That's another story.

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