1988 Toyota Camry LE 6cyl Ignition? Problems


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Unhappy 1988 Toyota Camry LE 6cyl Ignition? Problems

I have owned this vehicle for many years and I love it. However I have been experiencing two irritating problems for several months.

During hot days this past Summer I experienced the following on a number of occasions:
The car started and ran smoothly and beautifully for say 250 kilometers. I stopped for gas (or whatever) had a coffee and then found the car would crank but not start. No spark...nothing.
After about 30 minutes I turned the key and the car started normally. This happened several times and I got in the habit of trying it once, if it didn't start, go for an extended coffee break and try it again, it started every time after the wait.

I took the car to the Toyota dealer and he said he coould find nothing wrong. He advised me to bring it to the shop when it was happening. That is impossible.

Since the hot spell ended, the problem has not reoccurred.

Now I have another problem.

The car starts and runs ok most of the time, but occasionally
at a traffic light, or after stopping at an intersection, the engine fails to respond to the throttle. It will cough and fail to increase revs, then I hear a series of muffled backfires and the engine dies. It restarts immediately when the key is turned, but
does the same thing again at the next light or brief stop. It seems this occurs during wet or damp weather.

Not being a mechanic or mechanically minded, I would really appreciate some advice.

My nearest Toyota dealer is 200+kilometers distant from my rural home.
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Could be a few things

1. bad pcv valve

2. bad egr valve

3. weak battery

4. alternator/belt

Do you have a autoparts place around you to test the battery and alternator.

Batttery drain alot faster in the hot weather.
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Prior to owing '98 Camry, we had a very similar problem with '88 Camry, ... starting along with stopping problems about which you're describing.

Our semi-retired mechanic(not young) told us that 'Starter' along with 'Solenoid(sp?)' along with some others(I can not recall, now..) got bad.

Since he's the family-type and long-time mechanic for us, working in his backyard, he did not charge us much, but it was quite an expensive job, in my recollection.

After fixed, the '88 Camry run good for awhile, but other, different problems(not one), ... then we donated the car to the charity where some people needs it on temparary basis.
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If it definitely has no spark when it fails to fire, I'd be looking at whatever tells the computer the engine's turning over. If it has a distributor the crank sensor would be inside there.....If it has 3 coils and three wires the crank sensor would be down on the block.First though I'd want to POSITIVELY eliminate fuel as an issue and pressure test the pump......
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Finally got the problem solved!

It turned out thwe fuel pump was only delivering 25 psi and had to be replaced.
The mechnic also replaced the oxygen sensor and the gas filter.

No change from $1000.00 for the job though

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