chassis diagram needed for Chevy P/U


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chassis diagram needed for Chevy P/U

I have a 1990 3/4 ton Chevy w/ a 350 motor. Good truck but it has some steering and suspension issues. I know there are some things that need to be done and then it needs an alignment. What I want to do is fix these things and then bring it to get aligned at a shop. But.... in order to order all the parts for it I need to know what the parts are called. I hate to think I know and then get the wrong parts and have to bring them back since I have to drive 15 miles to get to the parts store. Does anyone have a picture with parts labeled or some sort of drawing that I could use to identify the parts? Or if you know of a website that gives these out?
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might be a help

I had a 89 3/4 ton and the parts that wear are called upper and lower ball joints and idler arm.
I replaced the idler arm on my truck.just do a google search you will find something.
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I had a manual for a 93 truck, I will look around around and see if wifey has not tossed it.

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