98 Contour died


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98 Contour died

I was driving to work in my 98 Contour and it just died. It died like I turned off the ignition switch. This happen 2 weeks ago. I still have not gotten it to start. All it does is spin. I checked the timing belt, still intact. Checked the fuel pressure, got propper pressure. What I don't have is ignition. No spark at all. I was told to change my cam and crank sensors, but I have no idea where those are located on the engine. Can anyone tell me where to look? The car is a 98 Contour with a 4cylinder, DOHC, automatic. Also, can anyone maybe tell me what else to check?

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Have you checked your starter, battery, alternator?

Also, your crank sensor should be:

Under hood, center, upper engine area, front driver side of engine, mounted on end of cylinder head

Here's the how-to on that

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Ok, I checked all that.. I have now even changed the cam sensor, crank sensor and the ignition coil. Car continues to just spin with no start. I pulled all the timing cover stuff off to make sure all timing components are in tact. Also, no blown fuses underhood or under dash. Is there anything else i should check? Is it possible that it could be the onboard computer? Without warning? Never a problem, just suddenly died.

Thanks for the responce
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No spark?????.......Check for power at the coil with ign on...... If you can get access to a scanner, hook up and crank the engine and read the engine data.........See if there's RPM on crank if the Mass Air Flow reads anything..........Look for something that doesn't make sense...........But I'd bet if your description is good it's a coil pack

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