1991 Dodge Caravan Horn


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1991 Dodge Caravan Horn

Well after getting our van safetied the horn was of course working. Then, we were involed in a minor accident, where a vehicle hit into our rear bumper. Following that, the horn stopped working. My best guess is that the clockspring has to be replaced. The van has no fuse specificaly for horn, and all other fuses in the interior fuse panel seem to be working.

Any where else you suggest I check before attempting to repair the clockspring, and any info on replacing clocksprings? Thanks.
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I would check at the horn itself with a test light for power. It seems like there would be fuse for the horn.

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I agree with Mar........That would be the logical first step to analyzing the problem.
I have recently put a clock spring in my wife's Durango.......She lost the horn/cruise control/and the SRS light illuminated.......Are you having any other issues besides the horn?????

One other thing........I was told there was a recall on those clock springs (although mine wasn't included)so you may want to check with your dealer first

They really are simple to replace. get the wheels facing forward DISCONNECT THE BATTERY and let the SRS discharge (If equipped) Remove the air bag and steering wheel(Puller needed) a couple of screws and plus and she be done

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