mass air flow sensor, where????


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mass air flow sensor, where????

Does any one know where the mass air flow sensor is located on a 96 Ponitiac Bonneville. Also what are the symtoms of one that needs cleaning or replacement.

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Follow the air duct from your air filter to the throttle. Somewhere in between will be a device with several wires connected.

If your car runs poorly, check other things first. The maf sensor is an expensive part. If the maf is your problem, you should be getting a check engine light when the air metered by your maf does not match that expected with rpm and throttle position.

Write back with symptoms and you will be buried w/ advice.
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A tell tale sign of a bad MAF is unable to gain power over a certain RPM range, usually between 1500-3500 rpm. Sometimes will effect shifting as well.

They sell MAF cleaners at auto stores. MAF or a electronic cleaner. Have to be careful though, these sensors are sensative.
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well, my car shakes, intermittently. It only happens when i am pushing the gas petal, and it doesn't matter if I push hard or soft on the petal. Speed or weather, does not seem to effect the shaking, and like i said it usually happens everytime I drive the car, but not every time I accelerate.
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still there?

Clean it as suggested, but do not be surprised if you see no change. Do not touch the wire with anything.

Be sure to check the simple things next. These include but are not limited to plugs, wires, fuel and air filter. Check for vacuum leaks. Since you are primed to by fix-in-a-can, also try some injector cleaner. Make sure the air duct from maf to throttle has no leaks. Leaks can be hard to find, but it might move while you accelerate and leak air.

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