Trying to change radiator core and reinforcement on 98 Civic


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Trying to change radiator core and reinforcement on 98 Civic

Can anybody provide instructions or links to instructions on how to change the radiator core and front bumper reinforcement on a 98 Honda Civic EX 4 door. After an accident my insurance company Allstate stated that damages were preexisting (except for the bumper and the hood, everything else is preexisting)and now I'm stuck repairing the car, not only that I still have to pay for the car and for insurance as well.....
I already have the bumper cover, headlights are off plus whatever bolts and screws I could find that could come off, I removed those. I think I need to remove the radiator and disconnect the AC cables next, but I'm not sure of what exactly to disconnect first. A friend of mine works on Honda as a Mechanic and he will try to help in his spare time, but he has been very busy lately and I need to get the car running ASAP. Any help would be greately appreciated. I know it sounds like a big project for soembdoy who didn't do any mechanical work outside of brake and oil changes, but I found good instructions hopefully with pictures I can at least get it properly disassembled and prepped for my friend to work on it..

Thank you again.
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You won't be able to get detailed instructions on how to do repair like this. The only product that you can get, is the ESM for this vehicle. (electronic service manual)
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My project just got easier. Once I removed the reinforcement I decided not to replace the core. The core is not as damaged as I thought it was. A couple of hours with the hammer and I should be able to get it into shape. I think I know what I'm doing from here.
Thank you.
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Radiator Reinforcement!

But how did you get he reinforcement off the frame?!
Is it spot wielded?
I have an Accord DX 1995
And i cant figure out for the life of me HOW TO GET THE reinforcement off i have taken off all the bolts i can see on it.
Its still holding strong to the frame!
ANy help would be great!

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