how to paint the side mirror


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Unhappy how to paint the side mirror

Hi, I just broke my side mirror when I tried to get into my garage. I call a garage to quote how much for repairing, they ask for $362 CDN! Even off-market still needs $250. That's too much. I search Ebay and got one used, just $45. But the problem is, my car is white and the used mirror is green. Anybody advice what tools and paint I should get and how to paint it step by step? I have never done this before and I found it cheaper and maybe fun to do it myself.
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what I would do

get the paint code from your car take the mirror to the auto paint shop and have them spray it.
If you want to do it yourself you would need to buy a bunch of stuff like spray gun air compressor the paint clear coat etc.
Around here it would cost about 30 bucks or if you know the painter a six pack of beer.
Or if you dont care how it looks spray it out of a spray can but dont expect a quality look.
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Hello, this is not a extremely difficult job. You just need to take your time doing it.

I would first recommend you tape off any part of the mirror you do not want sanded or painted.

To make the mirror come it's best and last a long time, do the following:

Get yourself some 120 & 220 grit sand paper.

Start roughing up that green paint with teh 12o grit paper. Try to make the sanding even across the whole mirror. Meaning, do not concentrate the sanding in one area as this will show in the new paint.

When done roughing up the paint, clean it off real good with either IPA (alcohol) or a damp cloth. You don't want any depris when painting.

Get yourself some spray primer, spray a nice even coat ovedr the area wanting to be painted. Once dried, take that 220 grit paper and sand the primer down, not completely, but enough to get the surface nice and smooth.


Take a Dupli-color spray can of your cars color and spray the mirror down with nice even strokes. Allow to dry per can instructions. It may take a few coats (2-3) to get it even.

When paint is dried, spray some clearcoat protector on it. (may take 2 coats). Allow to dry.

Sometimes you can wet sand the clear coat with some fine 400 grit paper inbetween coats, but might not be needed for just a mirror.

The important part is to take your time, and have patience. It will take you about....2-3 hrs including drying time to do this.
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I agree with Mark except I'd use 150-180 grit for the first sanding and wet sand the primer with 320 grit. it is better to apply a few extra coats than to try and hurry applying the paint to heavy
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Well, they ask for $100 for painting the mirror... Maybe I asked the wrong guy...

The green one I try, it doesn't fit my car, even though it's for Accord 98. The socket is smaller than mine. So I'm going to buy one from partsource, it comes with no paint, I was told I need to apply primer first..
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The reason it's so much at the shop is that they would buy the high-grade auto paint, do all the labor, etc, but Hot & Mark give good advice. I surely wouldn't spend $100 just to paint a mirror on an 8 year old car. You should able to get an aftermarket mirror for about $60.
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Question sand before clearcoat

I have just refinished an outside mirror I got to replace damaged one.
I need only to clearcoat it. My question is do I sand the nicely painted surface with something like 2500 grit before applying the clearcoat. And if I am supposed to should I wash it after sanding and of ourse let dry?
I have been using aerosol spray cans of seveal coats of pirmer and paint. Right now it looks really good I don't want to screw it up.

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Welcome to the forums Carrera935!

I've never sprayed clear coat what does the instructions on the can say?
Often sanding isn't required when top coating if the top coat is applied within so many hours of the base coat but I don't know if that applies to clear coat. If sanding is required, you would want a s super fine grit and use plenty of water for a lubricant. You can either use soap and water or preprite [a solvent formulated for cleaning prior to painting] to clean the surface to be painted. Preprite would allow you to recoat sooner than anything using water.
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kinda too late now, but what you should have done was

locate paint number, it's usually in the trunk somewhere on Hondas.
go to paint store, not Shervyn Williams, but local automotive paint store.
give them the number.
they will mix you exact factory match paint, WITH CLEAR COAT IN IT, and PUT IT INTO SPRAY CAN.

so that you don't have to hassle with trying to match what they sell in the parts stores. or clear coating it.

you should wet sand paint with fine grit paper, then clear coat it with clear coat WITH HARDENER ADDED. once again, it's paint store thing. otherwise, it is destined to crack and peel off. sorry.

you would have ended up with maybe $30 worth spray can of paint that is exact match and WORKS well.

btw, you did de-grease the mirror plastic, didn't you? as they coat them with something like wax, and it's quite thick layer, and is hard to remove. ahm, paint does not really stick to it well. neither does primer. sorry.

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