HELP! Freeze Plug Question


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HELP! Freeze Plug Question

Hopefully one of you wonderful car gurus can help me out here...

I have an 86 Chev Caprice S/W with a 305. I didn't manage to get enough anti-freeze in it, before the really cold weather hit. I did manage to get about 1/3 of a gallon in and started the car and let it run til the thermostat opened and circulated what was in it.

Now though, I am terrified to even try to start it, because we just had a horrible cold snap, down to 12 degrees, and I do not want to hurt the engine if the freeze plugs went.

How can I tell? Is there any thing I can do to try to get the car going or???

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Well, I'm guessing the system wasn't totally dry of coolant when you started, so you may have some residual protection plus the little bit you got in. Assuming you don't find ice when you look in the filler, I would start it up to let it warm up to operating temperature and just watch for leaks. I would be more concerned about a cracked block. Those "freeze plugs" are not really designed to pop out and prevent cracking the block, although they may do that; they're simply plugs to fill the holes left over from when the block was cast.
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Thanks so much for the reply, I really appreciate it.

I finally got ahold of my mechanic as well. He explained what to look for as well, and how to start and warm up the car safely. Basically he said as long as I don't see actual ice in the radiator, start the car and let it run breifly, then shut off and then after a few minutes, to let the heat spread, start it again and let run again and continue the process.

The temps here are supposed to get a big warmer by this I am hoping to find out if she made it through this cold snap or not...keeping my fingers crossed and saying lots of prayers.

Warmest Regards and Thanks!

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