If you have a 2002 -2006 dodge ram 1500


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I wanted to post this information for people that own dodges and the crap that I had to go through on finding out the problems that persued with my dodge.
I have a 2002 dodge ram 1500, 4.8 V8. It has 105 thousand miles on it and I haven't had a problem with it until this summer whenthe AC went out. I went to the auto store and they did a free read out. It said I had a P1491. Which ment I had to go to the dealer for the problem: WRONG!

I figured out how to fix it myself and it only put me out 20 dollars instead of the 135 dollars that the deal was going to charge me.

How to fix the AC blowing moist air while idle and cold air while driving over 40mph. Easy fix. (make sure your batter is disconnected)
1. check fuse number 39. (replace if blown)
2. Check the AC rely and replace. If engine light is still on keep the new rely on and go to number 3.
3. Check the compressor rely. Replace and you should be done.

When finished close everything up and then turn it on. It should take the engine light off and your AC will be repaired.
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Yep...I have a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9L V-8.....I must confirm...if you replace fuse 39....ur AC will be restored.

Too bad it only took me a year to look into the matter.

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