Problems w/ a fuel cut-out switch


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Problems w/ a fuel cut-out switch

1993 Mercury Tracer. The fuel cut-out switch is mounted behind the clutch pedal. Unless the clutch is depressed, the engine will not turn over. When it is cold (like right now in No. Utah), this switch will not work. Is there a way to bypass the switch w/out causing other problems? I have the tools and experience, but am unfamiliar with this make and model, especially the wiring.
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It is possible, though not really a good idea
You can pull out the switch and (barely) enough wire to cut off the switch and connect the wires
After this you will probably not have enough wire to rewire a new switch in later
Your car will also start in gear (w/o clutch depressed)
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That's not a fuel cut-off, but a clutch safety switch. It's probably just gummed up inside. I would simply replace it rather than trying to bypass the safety feature
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Problems w/ a fuel cut-out switch

As I found out today, there are two systems at work here. One that tells the car when the the clutch is in, and the other when the clutch is out. I found the first one when it started acting up. The second I found this morning. I have been working with the wrong switch. It does seem as though the switch needs to be cleaned. Thanks for the advice and the time to reply.

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