'92 Accord autotrans won't shift out of 2nd


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Question '92 Accord autotrans won't shift out of 2nd

I have a 92 Accord LX automatic that won't shift out of 2nd gear when in drive (up or down). It started off fine this morning, but before I got out of the neighborhood, I noticed it wouldn't up-shift, then when I let of the gas, it didn't downshift. Came to a stop, idled fine (TC dissengaged properly), but when I accelerated from a stop, still in 2nd. Shifting manually made no difference. I stopped, put it in park, turned off the ignition, restarted, no change. Park, reverse and neutral are all fine. Soloniod? Computer? I'm more familiar with manual trannies, so I'm stumped.
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limp mode

When somthing goes wrong with the trans it goes into limp mode, which is second gear. This alows you to still drive instead of getting stranded on the side of the road alowing you to get it to a shop. Have a diagnosis ran on the electronics and they can tell what is out. most have a box that controls shifting, the last one i wroked on, I found the box (with help from a profesional) there usually hard to find and opened up the case. If you see any burnt circuts or if it smells burnt then you can look for a replacment box from a salavage yard. Or repair your box.
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I agree with assessment Chev...........The only thing I would add is ..If the box IS internally burnt, then you have to check all the shift solenoids for OHMS..........If a failing solenoid is the cause and it isn't fixed, you'll simply burn another TCU

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