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I have a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab with 22000 miles on it. Recently the brakes were making noises, but not while applying them after you let off them and started to accelerate again. Also Iíve been hearing a humming or to me it sounded like something was out of round wobble noise. I was thinking it was the brakes maybe hanging up also causing this sound. Needless to say they informed me that my truck needed brake all around and they think it could be a front wheel bearing which is causing this humming sound. Is there a way to check and see if wheel bearings are bad or is it a just replace and hope you got it right? And according to Dodge this is normal wear and tear. I find it hard to believe that this would break down so fast with such low mileage.
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You can check the bearings by jacking up that tire, and gripping the tire at a 12 and 6 oclock position and push and pull. The tire should not move at all. If it does, you have bad bearings. Bearings will make a humming type noise when going bad, usually when turning corners, but can happen all the time. Is this vehicle 4x4? If so, your hubs might be going bad too.
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Yes it is a 4x4 full time shift on the fly. Thank you I'll have to see if I could get it up in the air and check that out.
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Take the truck out on a straight, reasonably smooth road..........Get to speed and sway the vehicle from side to side. If it is, in fact a bearing issue, the noise will increase when turned one way........and decrease the other. The weight shift of the vehicle is what gives the bearing away

By the way.........Good luck.........I have an 05 Quad........but only two wheel drive cause it ain't gonna snow in Fl
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More than once I've been fooled by a humming noise, where I thought I had bad bearings, but it turned out to be bad brakes.

I think the difference in noise is that a bad bearing will hum and give you a migraine. Bad brakes will just hum.
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You may want to move the tires around. You may have bad tire causing the noise. See if the noise follows where you move the tire to.
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Thank you all for the advice. I'll give it try and hopefully find this humming noise.
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Same problem on my 2002 1500 4wd. 53000 miles. I replaced my brakes and rotors all around. Only after I finished the rear brakes did this noise occur. Brakes work fine, sounds as if a sticky caliper is causing the noise. I removed the left rear wheel and greased the caliper where the brake pads slide when applied. Didn't help, I haven't gotten to the other rear wheel yet. Seems to be getting more pronounced now that is it getting colder outside. Noise will stop if I apply the brakes slightly while accelerating. Just had 4 new tires installed and also passed NYS inspection. I don't think this is a bearing problem nor a tire issue. more of an embarrasment than a hinderance, as I don't notice any brake pad wear or driving hinderance. I haven't ruled out universal joints on the driveshaft yet, (I replaced them last year...) I will crawl under and give them a shot of grease tommorow and let you know the results.

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