Wheel will not come off


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Wheel will not come off


I am trying to remove my front wheels and after I remove the lug nuts the wheel will not come off. I have tugged at it from different sides but all I do is get the rubber to bend. I did not want to hit the wheel with anything metal but thought about using a rubber mallet. Before I do though I just wanted to know if anybody has encountered this before and if so what did you do?

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Spray some WD40 onto the lug bolts. Also, you can try to jar it loose by lowering that side a LITTLE bit so some of the weight is put onto that tire. Just go down slowly and just enough so the tire hits the ground. Then raise it back up and try again.
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Make sure it's well supported, sit down facing the wheel from the side. then kick one side of the wheel, then the other. Repeat - 99.9 percent of the time they'll pop off.

When you put the wheel back on, clean the center pilot hole on the wheel as well as the pilot on the hub. Then put a light coat of silicon or graphite grease on the pilot surfaces. The next time will be easier.

Hope this helps,

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Bob and Mark

Thanks for your reply's I will try both ideas and hopefully get it off.
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Another trick is to loosen the lug nuts by a turn, then drive around the block with some side-to-side motion to break the rust bond between wheel and hub.
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At the tire shop I use, they hit the inside of the tire (not the rim) with a sledgehammer after the lug nuts are removed. Works just fine except for the time one guy missed and hit another employee in the knee.
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Well I got them off using a combination of ideas. First I loosened the lugs 1 turn and drove the car up and down the driveway a few times and also into the street to go over the bump where the street and driveway meet. Then I jacked up the car, removed the lugs and with 1 kick the tire came off. Success!!!!

Thanks to all for the help


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