Keeping Spare Car/Toyota Corolla '99 during cold-winter season?


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Keeping Spare Car/Toyota Corolla '99 during cold-winter season?

I have two cars, one for everyday's use for getting to the work and other/Toyota Corolla '99 as for Spare/Emergency Car in case my primary car/Camry broken-down. I need to travel often, hence I need this, a spare car.

Both cars are in good running condition. However, as seeing impending cold and sometime freezing temperature, I started to concern about a maintenance of Spare Car/Corolla '99. I drive it once and twice on bi-weekly basis or whatever my moods hit.

What form of maintenance do I need to keep Corolla '99 in good running condition during winter-cold season? Should I drive more often for good battery-charge? And, what else do I need to keep it in good shape?

Thanks for opinions and suggestions on this regard in advance.
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Just make sure the oil is fairly fresh and the coolant is topped off. Add plenty of wiper fluid. Start the car up every couple days and let it run so the battery keeps it's charge. You shouldn't have any issues. It's not like you are storing it for years.
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I would also suggest you put a bottle of Heet in the fuel tank to keep down condensation and some Sta-Bil in the fuel to assure the fuel remains in good shape. Have a nice day. Geo
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take turns

You are doing good take turns driving each car and keep up the maintenance all will be good I am in the same boat I have 3 cars and two drivers. We take the Ford out a few times a week and drive the Toyotas 60% of the time.
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All good suggestions, the best is drive it at least once a week. If not, let it warm up to operating temp. DO add Stabil to the fuel tank if you don't drive it regularly. Start off the cold season with new fluids, oil, antifreeze, etc.
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According to Sta-Bils bottle, you only need to add it if you plan on storing the fuel for over 6 months, but it won't hurt nothing.

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