Wiper switch install


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Wiper switch install

I am attempting to remove/install this wiper switch assembly in my 1991 F150. (Please see fig 1). I am somewhat of a clutz, so if anyone could give me a bit of advice I would certainly appreciate it. First, how would you remove the knob, (Please see fig 2). I can not find a clip or screw of any sort. Am I supposed to just pull it off? Next, how do they expect you to get behind all this mess (Please see fig 3) and chase the proper wires to unplug and replug etc. I can barely get my hand in there to unplug/plug anything. It looks like I may be able to drop the fuse box to make more room. Is that adviseable? I have tried to find a way to remove the lower dash panel/bezel on the left side of the steering column to provide better access, but can find no way to remove it without breaking it. Is it clipped on somehow?. I believe that there are screws that hold the switch in place behind the dash, but I think they are accessable behind the bezel. Help!!!! I have included photos to assist in explaining. Thank you

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Knob should pull off. Here's a generic how-to from autozone.

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According to Autozone, they say remove knob and bezel nut. As you can see, there is no nut, nor a place for one, http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r194/sparkyrhett/SwitchKnob.jpg

I quess there must be clips or something holding the lower dash bezel on, but I sure can't find any. http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r194/sparkyrhett/LeftSideBezel.jpg

There must be screws behind it holding the switch in place. Tell me what you think. Thanks
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to remove the knob a small scredriver or pic works well where you insert it behind the knob and depress the metal lock toward you and pull the knob off.
believe there is one screw on the bezel but mostly held on with clips and should just pop off you may have to remove the opposite side first cant really remember which side has the screw.

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