chevy elactrical problem


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Unhappy chevy elactrical problem

I have a chevy 2002 silverado 2500, 4x4 While driving the head lights and dash lights dim and brighten. The voltage meter on the dash shows a a movement from 12 (when lights are dim) to 16 (when the lights age bright). Had the battery and alternator checked and the seen to function ok. Now the truck acts like the battery is dead, and will not startWhat could be the problem?
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I'd check for a short somewhere and have the voltage regulator checked out
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are there any other things that are happening at the same time the voltage fluctuates such as went through a water puddle or ambient temp. Are the symptoms more often observed in cold weather v. after the vehicle is warmed up.


sometimes something as simple as a glazed alternator belt or pulley can allow enough slippage aggrevated by moisture and low temps to allow a battery to nearly totally discharge.

I have also seen way too many tensioners seize up and fail to maintain proper tension of the belt causing this.
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one other thing. Bad ground
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Check both terminals on the battery. Side mount terminals notorious for corrosion.

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