ac/heat noise


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ac/heat noise

I have a 98 Toyota Corolla and just moved from Arizona to DC. As it started to get colder I noticed that when I turned on my AC or Heater it would make a rumbiling sound. It sort of sounds like someone rolling there R's. This only happens if it is set on low. IF i turn the ac/heater to high it stops and then normally I can turn it back down to low and the noise is gone. Even if I leave it on low it only lasts for a couple mins. Any ideas on what it is?
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Sounds like bearings/bushings that are near the end. Nothing that you can rebuild. Start setting aside for a new blower motor in the near future.
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That does sound like fun. Do you know how much that will cost? Thanks.
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Gold may very well be right.........but before I'd buy a new motor, I'd want to drop out the old one and see if there's any debris getting hung up in the fan blade........commonly called a "squirrel cage".......Either way, the motor has to come out. Not too difficult as it exits on the right side of the I/P behind the glove box

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