93' Jeep Cherokee - Check Engine Light + Codes... Help....


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93' Jeep Cherokee - Check Engine Light + Codes... Help....

93 Jeep Cherokee... My check engine light came on and stayed on yesterday... I got the Diagnostic Trouble Codes by turning the ignition switch ON, OFF, ON, OFF, ON and observing the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT... here are the codes....


41- Fault in the charging system or no field current.

55- Completion of fault code display.

Today I decided to start it up and see if the check engine light was still on... it was... I looked at my gauges and I noticed my voltage reading is a little lower than normal... it's usually closer to 14 volts, but now its closer to the red area, but not under the red... Could a this mean a bad alternator?? could a bad alternator make the check engine light come on? ive never had the check engine light come on to warn me about a bad alternator in any of my previous vehicles....
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its possible would have it checked out before it strands you the voltage regulator is built into the computer so the computer is able to detect a problem with the field circuit wether it be alternater, wiring or computer problem.
if you have a voltmeter and testlight you could probably test it yourself by checking voltage at the battery and checking voltage at the 2 smaller field terminals on the back of the alternater.
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thanks for the fast reply... i dont have a voltmeter but autozone said they would test the alternator for me in the morning...

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