Zero Emmisions - failed test


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Zero Emmisions - failed test

1993 Izusu SUV. 4 cylinder carburated.
Failed inspection - emissions too high several times as plugs, filters, pcv, oil change changed out - 1 at a time- between each inspection. Continually rating around 360-380 ppm on hydrocarbons.
Finally, thoroughly cleaned carb with full can of carb cleaner
spray and dumped in can of Lucas gas treatment with full tank of regular.
Went through emissions and failed with a ZERO on hydrocarbons.
Station said exhaust must be defective or leaking.
Would not pass it.
Had entire exhaust inspected at local muffler shop - shop owner signed a written statement saying all pipes, muffler and catalytic converter in good working order - no holes.
Back through testing station and failed again. No readings on machine at all. Over next 2 weeks took SUV through all 3 testing stations here in Memphis and FAILED every time with a zero.
Have talked to managers at all 3 stations - they will not pass car.

Exhaust pressure is good at tail pipe - converter not blocked.
Richened air/fuel mixture on friend's advice 1/4 turn and failed inspection with a 360 ( limit 220).
Leaned back 1/4 turn and failed with a ZERO again.

Now - obviously it sounds like 1/8 turn richer may do it -
not my car - I'm posting for a friend. And my father once failed for ZERO emissions when his car DID have rusty, ragged pipes with holes - I understand failing for a ZERO.
No carburated gasoline car can honestly emit ZERO that I know of without some special trick to fool the testing station.

For what my friend says - and he has no reason to lie to me- the carb cleaner and Lucas gas treatment HAS to be the cause. He actually says it is LUPAS gas treatment but I believe he is incorrect on that.
He says he is going to drain the gas tank 1/2 way down and fill with fresh gas to dillute the gas treatment - 1 bottle to 20 gallons gas.

Has anyone ever heard of a carb cleaning and gas treatment being able to kill ALL emissions? Even if only on that 1 tank of gas?

All "guaranteed to pass" gas treatments I have ever tried were worthless - and I have tried several.
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have you tried leaning out the mixture hc is unburnt fuel and they should be relativly low on a good shape engine with the right fuel mixture leaning out the mixture will often increase the hc slightly, making the mixture richer will often increase carbon monoxide.
and wouldnt think they would fail for zero emmisions to begin with if the catylitic convertor is doing its job they should be very low even on a carburated vehicle.

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