Where is the leak ???


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Where is the leak ???

I have a 1998 jeep 6 cyl 4.0. I noticed a leak of antifreeze at the front of the engine.Looking closer it seemed to be a lower hose that was leaking at the top where it contects to the water pump. So I replaced the hose. The one I took off looked ok but you never know.I ran the jeep for the day no leak.The next morning leak came back same place. I took the hose off again thinking I had not secured the upper clamp enough. This time I put 2 clamps on the top.I still have the leak.
It seems as long as the engine is hot I have no leak. This is odd to me because the system is under pressure.When it cools down during the night the leak starts up.
The leak starts from the same place,at the top of the lower hose. Could the be a problem with the water pump? I checked the fan and it is secure and doesn't move back and forth as the manual tells you to check and there is no noise coming from it. The radiator shows no sign of leaking along with anof the conections to it.
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could be the waterpump would try to get a little better look at it most waterpumps have a small weep hole that is designed to leak coolant should the seal fail this often will run down to the lower hose.
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Yes, bejay is right, it's most likely the water pump.
What's happening is as the engine heats up things expand and become tighter sealing up the leak and as it cools it contracts and you get that drip.

If you have a small mirror like a womans pocket mirror put it under the water pump pulley when it's cold and you will probably see some coolant from the inspection hole. It's about 5/16 or so in diameter.
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That one is hard to see, I changed out a pump on one of those a few months ago. I pumped up the system and saw water coming from below the pump but it was hard to pinpoint. I changed the water pump and the leak stoped.
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4.0 Jeeps are good for water pumps.........One thing i will caution you on......When replacing the pump, be sure the impeller is turning in the same direction as the one you take off.........4.0 and 4.2 are very similar and sometimes parts for them are "mis-boxed"..........While working for Jeep we had a Wrangler come in with the wrong water pump, and fan blade........

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