Anyone Familiar With Spare Tire Locks?(2000Jimmy)


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Anyone Familiar With Spare Tire Locks?(2000Jimmy)

Well,,,, I just found out I have a lock on my spare tire, 2000 Jimmy and believe it or not,, I actually have the keys. Anyway,, this lock is completely JAMMED!!!! I can't even get the key in there. I tried heating it with torch,,, lock ease,, Break Away,, and all kinds of penetrating oils. This thing won't budge. If you've seen one of these locks, you know theres no way to "cut" it off. So,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what are my options?? Thanks in advance. Oh,, BTW, the tire is mounted under the rear of the truck.
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After reading your query,i checked my GMC pkup that has the lock.
I inserted the key in the lock and turned the key to the right to unlock. Key wa sstiff to turn but it unlocked the lock. I had to use pliers very cautiously to pull the lock mechanism out,but it did come out.
Your right in that i didn't see any way to effectively get some penetrating oil in the mechanism. I took my lock out and am thinking of putting some antiseize compound in the lock housing.
Maybe some others have some suggestions.
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Have you tried PB Blaster? It is sold at Advance Auto. It costs about twice as much as WD-40, but this stuff is strong enough to dissolve a styrofoam cup. I used it to take off some caliper bolts. Turns out I took off bolts that were never meant to come off. OOPS! It takes rust off of tools like nobody's business.
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Haven't tried PB Blaster yet,, I might give it a shot.
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a little PBBlaster and a little patience can work miracles.

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