How to reset check engine light 95 Geo Tracker


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How to reset check engine light 95 Geo Tracker

I have a 1995 Geo Tracker and the check engine light came on, took it to autozone said it was the O2 sensor. I replaced now I need to reset check engine light and they told me to unplug positive battery terminal which I did with no luck, light still on. I have did some searches online and read on some Trackers there is a switch behind the drivers speaker or take off plastic cover at steering wheel column and flip a switch and it will reset light. I have looked and can't locate it. Can anyone give me a way to reset light and if it is a switch what does it look like or if you have a picture. Thanks very much with any help. Steve
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Disconnecting the battery for a few minutes is the only way I know to get rid of codes. But the problem may not have been the O2 sensor. Those codes only indicate an area of the problem, not the specific component. Disconnect the battery for about 10 minutes. The code should be gone. If it comes back, the O2 sensor was not the problem, but it is likely someting in the O2 circuit. Ain't computers wonderful.
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Is this "Geo" made by Isuzu???....Is it the "check engine" light and not the "O2" light???........Isuzu's and their "cousin" Geo had an O2 light that was reset're gonna like this...................removing the instrument panel .........removing a small screw and inserting it in a different hole...........I believe they did this every 50K or something like that.........If it is the "Check Engine" light Remove the negative cable.........If it's OBD2 you may have to leave it longer than ten mins.........or if you have access to a scanner.........that's the quick way

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