a.c. compressor problem or not


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Wink a.c. compressor problem or not

i recently bought a 1994 ford f 150 with a 4.9 l eng. i noticed the a.c. comp was unplugged so i plugged it up . the comp. would run but it would periodically act like it wanted to lock up[the clutch would slip] and pull the eng. down. i thought i might have a bad comp. so i hooked a tank to my sys. to empty it but before i emptied it i wanted to take just a little out at a time and try the comp. each time and see if it made any difference [too much coolant maybe?]. well , it did make a difference , now it runs smoothly,does not try to lock up and the air is cold in 70 degree weather. when i turn the defrost on the a.c. comp. kicks in as it should but it stays on and does not cycle on and off . is this a separate problem or a symptom of the earlier problem? any help would be appreciated
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It sounds like you have more than one problem, and one of the problems is the result of somebody's misdiagnosis.

Without a/c manifold gauges it's hard to say for sure, but the system probably was overcharged.

If the a/c doesn't cycle at all, it may have a bad temp sensor at the evaporator, or it may be behaving normally. 70 is not the best temperature to do diagnostics. What vent tempreatures do you get?... and does it bottom out to a certain temperature?
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You're gonna need manifold gauges to be sure........but as Kestas said, you were probably overcharged.........One other thing to look at.........CAREFULLY put your hand behind the fan while the vehicle is running and make sure you have a good flow of air from the fan...........A bad fan clutch will make the high side run higher than designed and will make the A/C behave like it's overcharged
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Wink thanks guys

thanks guys , i'm going to put the gauges on and check it later but will that have anything to do with the comp. staying on and not cycling on and off when the defrost is on? thanks

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