'95 Camry - Torque Strut Engine Mount (Dogbone)


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'95 Camry - Torque Strut Engine Mount (Dogbone)

So, I'm picking up the engine mount tomorrow and I aim to replace it. It is a direct replacement (two bolts) but I do have somewhat of a problem.

The dogbone motor mount has rubber bushings. The one that is attached to the engine bracket has failed - the rubber is torn and it probably doesn't do much for its intended purpose. There is some vibration and I wouldn't be surprised if this is the cause.

Here is the issue - the rubber is torn and the bolt hole in the engine side of the dogbone is now off-center. That is, to properly center the new mount, I will need to move the engine. Is this easy to move (by easy, I mean with the force of two grown men)? It will be supported by at least the front and rear engine mount at that point. It might move upon starting and accelerating (torque should kick it back).

I don't know if I need to jack it up to get in the proper place, because it doesn't at all seem like this mount should be load-bearing in any way. I can remove the bolts with ease. For all I know, tomorrow I'll get the job done in 10 minutes.
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Is your question should you jack up the motor?

If so, then probably yes. Just use enough support so the load, if any, is not on one mount. It will have to be something you decide to do while doing the job.

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