help needed please (Starting Pontiac Minivan '91)


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help needed please (Starting Pontiac Minivan '91)


lately when it started to get cold here, my car doesn't start right away, when I turn the key I hear a sound like " vouuuf" I believe it's the starter but the car doesn't start, the second time I turn the key it starts. I am wondering if you have any idea why is this hapening and what can be done.
by the way I have a pontioac minivan 91, 245k miles, it has a new battery new starter, new alternator, and new belt .

thank you for your time

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" vouuuf" " vouuuf"

Things that go " vouuuf" are hard for me to figure out because I dont know what " vouuuf" is (Sorry, Just tring to be humorous)
Does the engine turn over when this is happening or does not turn over?
Could you further describe the noise.
I know it would be hard.
I dont think I could type some sounds.
Might be a fun game or a frustrating game.
Lets start by having someone watching the engine to see if it is indeed turning around when the starter is engaged or not.
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yeah I know it's funny voouf it s a sound of electric engine starting . but the engine doesn't turn over and I believe the sound comes from the starter ( which is new) . it s like the engine was seperated from the starting devices.
but at the second today 3rd time that I turn the key the engine starts with no pb. this happens only when it is very cold.
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Looks like there has been a bit of a problem for while (new starter, battery, alt, and belt)
I am going to say that it is electrical related , although you could check for teeth missing from flex plate if you wanted to, and there is a problem in the high amperage starter circuit.
Electricity flows well when warm and slows down when cold. I think you have a bit of a bad connection beween the battery and the starter or the ground.
Could be in the starter relay.
I would do a volt drop test with voltmeter positive probe on big starter cable at the starter and the negative probe on the negative of the battery and record the voltage. If over 1 volt then could be a bad connection and you will have to work inwards to find out where. Do you have a voltmeter??
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Sounds like the starter is spinning and the solenoid is not activating.
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Could be the Flywheel
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teeth missing

on flywheel? not temp related? does it sound like metal on metal grinding?
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Was it a rebuilt starter or new ?

If it was rebuilt it may be faulty with a sticky gear or the rebuilder may have used the wrong grease and it gets gummy when it's cold out perventing the gear from fully engaging the flywheel.

Or it could be a shim issue. Some starters require shimming.
Check out and look up "starter replacment" for your vehicle.

A while back a thread came in with a sound that the guy recorded for us from his Astro Van . He had a web address for us to go to hear it and it was an excellent reproduction of the sound.

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