Heater Core Blockage?????


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Heater Core Blockage?????

I have a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am GT that originally had a head gasket leak. I put some Bars Leak Head Gasket Repair fluid in the cooling system after flushing out the old coolant. During this process the vehicle has to be run to cycle the Bars Leak through everything and the heater had to be on full blast. While it was cycling through the system, there was heat coming from the heater inside the car. After I was done I drained the water and replaced the coolant. Now the heat coming out of the heater is cold but not as cold as the outside air. Is it possible that I have an air lock in the heater core? I felt one of the hoses to the heater core and it was hot while the other was cool. I think that indicates no coolant flow through the core. Could it be possible that the Bars leak clogged the core? How would you clear either an air lock or clear the core from the Bars Leak?

Thanks for your help
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The bars did what it was suppose to it stopped up evrything. The coolant moves slow throught the heater core and stops it up when you put stop leak through it. I have seen alot of cars with this problem after running stop leak. They should warn of this and direct you to remove heater hoses, bypassing the core so it does not get stopped up.
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Let us pray

I would drain the system and put water in the system. Disconnect the out let from the heater core and see if you have flow.
If not then try to reverse flush the heater core.
If there is flow out of the heater core then its likely air in the system.
Make sure that no heater hoses are the highest point in the system. That happened to me once. The heater hose was high and trapped air in it.
I simply rerouted the heater hose so it was lower and that ended the problem.
Look for flow out of the heater core first while crossing your fingers and holding tounge to the left.
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Hopefully you do not have to replace the core because it is a bing pain in the rear, I mean, it will take all day!

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