Heating System Malfuctions


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Heating System Malfuctions

I really don't know the specifics about the car in question as it is my friend and I'm pretty horrid at differentiating cars, models, etc. But if you could even give a the most general of response--that would be great. Recently my friend's system was only blowing hot air, so when I went for a drive with her she was getting irritated and asked me to find a way to shut it off. I fiddled with the off switch and the vent direction and nothing more than that, however it did eventually stop for me. Unfortunately, now she has absolutely no heat and is demanding that I fix the problem. Quite obviously I'm not a mechanic and could only suggest her car might have a radiator problem the way my once had. Any suggestions?
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Sorry to have wasted a space on this forum---my friend just IMed me. "I fixed it. No thanks to you." So whatever--she was probably just an idiot and never pressed the 'on' switch. Sorry again.
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Sounds like a nice person.

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