96 Avenger won't start


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96 Avenger won't start

here we go

1996 dodge avenger...2.5 liter...130k
son said he was in parking lot when car up and died, won't re-start
I have replaced crankshaft sensor, along with distributer (which includes camshaft sensor)....checked timing belt and marks are where they belong.
getting 52lbs of fuel pressure...175 lbs of compression (front cylinders, have not checked the rear cylinders)....so i am getting spark,fuel, and compression.....think all that leaves is timing ?????

no codes present......baffled...looking for advice


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Lets start by spraying some carb cleaner into the intake and see if it runs or at least fires.
If it does we can assume a fuel problem.
If not , then lets look at electrical.

Its getting spark. Hmmm
A good spark out side the engine envioronmet does not mean a good spark inside.
I would pull the easy spark plugs out and look at them closely.
Are they wet with gas after an attemp to start?

Lets look at that first.
Carb cleaner and what do the plugs look like.
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that would be a good start if it runs on carb cleaner you might check injector pulse, but something as simple as bad gas can often take longer to diagnose as its not very common but you may want to take a fuel sample also just to see what it looks like and if there is any seperation after setting for a few minutes.
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96 avenger won't start

injecter pulse ???? I don't know how to do this

by the way, I forgot to tell you guy's that I did try spraying carb cleaner to start motor with no results. Car really sounds like it wants to start....like the timing is off just a bit.
When checking the timing marks I must confess I checked the top two cam shaft gears (which were dead on) but never looked at the botton one.
Also, this is a new timing belt...20k on it.
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Before moving foreword check to see if #1 Piston is at TDC when all of the pulley marks line up.
If this is set correctly you can focus on fuel.

Would this happen to be a Mitsubishi 4 clyinder motor ?
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93 avenger

this is a six cylinder mitsy motor...
will get back to you on the #1 piston position
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Injector pulse.....
Just because you have fuel pressure, doesnt necessarily mean Its getting into the cylinders

Directly above your transmission is a wire harness with 4 or 5 breakouts. Chrysler , in all their infinite wisdom and splendor, put these connectors in such a spot that any water deflected up from the road, soaks the connectors, and they rot apart.Unless its sequentially injected, a single wire feeds all 6 injectors power requirements. Just food for thought, Ive seen it way too many times.
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96 avenger/ problem solved

thanks to all who offered up info.....kid got a new car and sold avenger as a parts car.....problem solved

thanks again

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