brake question

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brake question

For the past few years I have had uneven wear on the front driver side brake pads and am not able to figure out why it is happening. The outer pad seems to wear much faster than the inner one and both show uneven wear (I believe the top is more worn than the bottom on the inner one). Passenger side is fine. Both pins move freely - no sign of binding. Can a faulty caliper cause this. Rotor looks fine and I used a dial gauge to looks for any problems - nothing obvious.
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Could be warped rotors.

I would first bleed your system.

Uneven pad wear is usually a rotor issue.

Inspect your calipers and make sure a piston is not seized.
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My opinion is either your rotor is wider on the outside and gets thinner twords the center. Or the brakepads arnt installed correctly. One thu=ing you could try in keep wheel off and put lug nuts on the rotor and pull the caliperto teh outside of the car until you see a little gap between the pad and rotor on teh side the doesnt wear. Then have someone step on the brake and watch and see if it slides over like it should.
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A bad flexable brake hose [collaspes on the inside] will also cause uneven wear.
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What make,model ,year and how much mileage is on your car ?

When was the last time you had the rotors machined ?
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a rotor needing maching

caliper pins OR their corresponding holes being worn (allowing the caliper to move in ways it isn;t intended to )

rust buildup where the pads rest that do not allow the pads to move smoothly

a groove worn into those same pads supports

and possibly, a bad caliper.

I would tend to discount (somewhat but not totally) the hose as it would generally cause wear greater than the oppsosite side but still correct wear pattern.

Some vehicles use a shim that angles the pads. I used to see them on some imports. Don;t know if they are still used though on anything. If those are left off, they would cause bad wear patterns.
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More than likely, you're looking at a guide or slide problem.......The inner piston releases, but the outer pad still drags...........Check those slides and the guides the pads run on or in

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