87 S10 Blazer steering problem.


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Unhappy 87 S10 Blazer steering problem.

My granson s10 steering column will pull back about a inch, which causes the shifter to miss its detents. When it is pushed back in it is fine. What could allow the top part of the column to move, but the bottom part from where it is bolted under the dash to the firewall dosn't move. I need an exploded view of this, to see why it will slide out of place. Also which other models of s10's will fit a 87. Thanks for any help.
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There is a coupling on the engine side of the firewall, that may have come loose. But until you check it out, I recommend you NOT drive the vehicle.
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Round GM columns are NOTORIOUS for coming loose at the lower mass jacket........It's 4 LONG skinny bolts with torx heads........The only problem is getting to them, which involves a lot of wiring removal as the turn signal wiper switch, cruise stalk all have to go.
If the column has tilt that adds yet another factor to have to dig through.....It really isn't that difficult once you've done a couple.........but the first one can be a real bear!!!!
By the way..........Once you've seen one apart, you'll understand why GM cars with that column were/are so easy to swipe
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Thanks, I'll try to find those bolts. It may be simpler to replace it, but I need to know which models are inter-changeable. I have found a 92 model, will it work without a lot of rewireing?
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if its a tilt column and has a bunch of slop in it it probably is the loosened bolts that wrench47 is talking about and you should be able to tear it down and install locktight on the bolts and put it back together, but it isnt easy to do if your not familiar with the repair and may be worth paying a shop 1 to 2 hours labor to fix it.

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