2000 silverado armrest trim removal??


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2000 silverado armrest trim removal??

I am trying to repair a latch on the center arm rest console in my 2000 Chevy Silverado. I have the service manual and it seems to have about everything in it except for this. Go figure. Anyway The latch button that you push in to unlatch the lid to the armrest console is not working. I want to repair it. Can anyone help me with how to remove the plastic parts from this armrest. The only fasteners that I see are 2 toward the back of the compartment that look like they are just the push in type fasteners. They are located almost directly under the lid where it pivots when the lid is raised. Other than than I see no fasteners. I am guessing that most of it just unsnaps as do a lot of the trim parts but any idea where to start without breaking something would be great. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
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This will be a tough one. I have never taken one apart, but the only suggestion I can give you is to look for any fastners. If they are all removed, the plastic is probably just snapped in and will require some elbow grease to pull apart.

I wish they still made vehicles that just required some screws, but everything these days are cheap plastic.

If you have some money, around $100, you can try and purchase the ESM (electronic service manual) for this vehicle. This is what all the dealer mechanics use. It will tell you how to fix anything on the vehicle.

Sorry I could not help. Good luck and Happy Holidays!
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To HotinOKC

Thanks for the effort. I feel the same way about some screws would be nice. As I think I said in my original post though there are only 2 fasteners and they look like push in type. That is the only visible fasteners.

It also would do me no good to purchase the service manual as I already have the 4 vol. hard copy that I bought when I got the truck new. No help there though. It does have everything else under the sun though.

Have a nice christmas. Thanks again.

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