Wobbling & vibrating


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Wobbling & vibrating

If I only changed the front brake pads & rotors, but did nothing to the rear.....the minimal wobbling of the car which is felt upon coming almost at a stop and the steering wheel vibrating(mostly from 50 mph with moderate pedal pressure).... could this be the cause of not changing the rear pads?Any feedback greatly appreciated..... P.S. its a 2003 Mach 1 mustang.

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Out of round on Front rotors = streering wheel shimmy.

Out of round on Rear rotors = Driver's butt/back vibrates.

E-brake is a good tool to isolates problem of front or rear rotors.
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The problem isn't specifically from not changing the rear pads and having done something on the front. It comes from one or more rotors being out of true or possibly the brake pads not seated in fully. If the front rotors were new and the steering wheel is wobbling, the problem is likely in the front rotors/pads.

I think I would take at look at how true the rotors are that you replaced. If you have the four wheel disc setup, apply that same logic to the rear rotors.

If everything is running true the seating of the pads would suspect at this point and I would give them a little time to break in.

Hope this helps,

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Yeah, its has only been 4 days since doing the install. I've give it about 200-300 miles and see how things are by that time. Thanks guys so far for your input.

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Did this happen imediatley after it came off the jacks or after a couple hundred miles ?
Reason I ask is if you overtightened the front lug nuts you can change the runout of the rotors and overheat them quickly causing warpage and the pulsing steering wheel.

You could also have overheated the front rotors by not cleaning adjusting the rear brakes ( if they are drums) causing the front brakes to do all of the work.

Just my thoughts from experience.
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When you did the job, did you remove, clean and lube the guide pins? If you have a single piston setup, take the wheel off and be sure you can move the caliper side to side with your hand.

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