2000 Honda civic check engine light on


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2000 Honda civic check engine light on

I have a 2000 Honda civic LX. My check engine light came on the other day. The radiator fluid had recently been refilled and I think it was overfilled because some of it bubbled out. The car is running fine, but now the hood won't close/latch completely and the check engine light came out. Could this be a possible cause of a check engine light coming on or is it probably something else? Thanks.
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When you say the rad fluid was refilled, was it flushed? Overfilling isn't usually a problem as it'll fill the overflow and probably leak out. Do be sure it's properly filled tho. If it was flushed, there could be an airlock in the cooling system, this could throw a code.

Many parts stores will do the engine code read for free or a small cost, this is the place to start.

Why doesn't your hood latch close? Is there anything in the way of it closing? Anything under the hood like a oil or rad cap not installed?

Make sure you fix the hood latch problem... The hood latch on my old ford exp let go at 130 km/hr on the hiway, did a lot of damage, took out the windsheild and almost gave me a heart attack.
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A radiator issue or coolant issue will not throw a check engine light. It will only do it if the cars severely overheats and causes engine damage.

Go to Autozone and get the codes read for free and report back here.
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Regarding hood-
Check where your hood latches. Make sure nothing is preventing it from coming down. This "may" cause the CEL to come on warning you it's open. To test this, find the switch and push it down,that that hood hits, and see if the light goes off. If light goes out, it's your hood thats throwing that code.

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