Battery Issues


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Battery Issues

I have a 1999 GMC Sierra Full Size Extended Cab, 5.3 Liter V8 Engine. My issue which just started yesterday. Vehicle started in the morning moved it around the yard for a few minutes. Came back to it later in the day. Vehicle would not start at all. I gave it a jump start and it ran for less than 1 minute before the engine began to miss and then it shut down completely. You could watch the charge on the battery move right down to nothing. So not taking a charge for some reason from the alternator. It will maintain a small charge from a battery charger just enough to turn over the vehicle to start it. Original battery in the vehicle. The green indicator light on the battery is not present and has been in the past. Is the battery just to the point that it will not take a charge or should I move to the alternator? I have looked for blown fuses with no success.
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While I can't say for certain that the alternator is ok, replacing the battery is a good place to start. Most 7-8 yr old batteries need replacing.
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hmmm.. could be a short in the wiring as well causing the power drain...

if it's the original battery, 7 years is pretty old. Replace it, part of the maintenance anyway or borrow a battery from someone else to verify yours is bad... Check the battery with a voltage meter with engine running, the voltage should be 13.5V or higher.

Check for continuity as well between the alternator and the battery, there's only one lead. I've had broken wiring and alternator contacts rusted off in the past on a couple of my cars.

Be sure to check the ground on the battery, take the body side off and clean it. Are you seeing the alternator light on? Check engine light?
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Thanks, I have never had issues prior. Regardless the battery probably needs to be replaced.
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Connections appear to be all good, no light indicators at present. Will check with a voltage meter and report back.
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Did you say it is the original battery on a 1999 vehicle ?
Somebody aught to write to GM and let them know their batteries are lasting 8 years ! Wow, thats great !

Replace that battery. Normal battery life is about 5 years max.

If you put a volt meter on the battery terminals while it's running and you get anything higher than 13 volts DC, your charging system is good.

I don't know why but my 2001 GM vehicle gave me no warning when the battery went bad the first time. It just craped out, no hard starts, no clicking, no nothing, none of the ussual signs.
It wouldn't even take a charge from an industrial charger but it would work with jump but it wouldn't start after that.
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If the green indicator is no longer visible then the battery is without a doubt bad. We rarely see a battery go much past 4 years anymore, even if it says its supposed to go much longer. Cold weather (although we havent had alot of that this year YET) is not good for batteries and we usually see quite a few dead ones this time of year. Replace the battery and check the charging system.
Good Luck,

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