Whining noise from power steering.


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Question Whining noise from power steering.

I had a power steering hose replaced after finding a pinhole. When the 98 chevy prism was returned the fluid level was above max and I hear a whining noise when turning.

Is over filling a problem?
What does the whining indicate?
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What first comes to mind is there may still be some air in the system.Turn your steering wheel lock to lock several times.
As far as overfilling, I don't think that can cause the whining but I could be mistaken or mabey they refilled it with a fluid that is different from what was in it before.
Just my thoughts.
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Air still in the system was my first thought also, with the same remedy. It's also possible the pump was damaged by allowing it to function low on fluid for too great a time before repairing it. I lost one on a pickup that way once.

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