Emergency Brake is stuck!


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Exclamation Emergency Brake is stuck!

Alright boys.. I have a 2000 Buick Century.. and due to my roomates paranoid little head my emergency/parking brake is now jammed. My father whom lives 18 hours a way told us how to fix it.. but we cant find the line hes talking about. He told us that its either gonna be stuck in the hub or at the place where the line splits into two and leads to the two back wheels. He says that theres a lil.. tap type of thing around the cord and that if we back that off a bit it should release the tap. If anyone has a diagram.. or something.. of the part that hes talking about I'd be such a happy person. Thanks.
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Your Dad is probably talking about the cable extension that attaches directly to both rear wheels.
This is very common, I had the same experience on an old car before.
The cable can build up rust and not release after it is disengaged.

If you can slightly jack up one or both rear wheels on level ground and put your arm just behind the rear wheel at the axle and you will feel and see several lines going to the back of the wheel.

One will be a thin steel tube ( hydralic line) NOT IT.
Another will be a flexible cable going into the plate behind the rear wheel
You should be able to see the cables if you get on the ground under the rear bumper. The cables should run arcoss the axle to each wheel.

Grab it and pull back and forth real hard several times and it should release then do it to the other side. (Don't grab any electrical wires).

Make sure you have somebody with you when doing this.

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Parking Brake

This is why it is a good idea to use the PARKING brake regularly, the use will usually keep it from rusting and binding up.

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