Intermittent Starting 85 chevy 4.3 V6


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Intermittent Starting 85 chevy 4.3 V6

Plugs and wires and inside distributor all replaced except ignition module. New Fuel filter. New gas.
Will start when it wants to and runs like a top. Then it will not start, no matter what you do. I have added fresh gas to carb, starting fluid, ran SeaFoam through two tanks of gas, and have driven truck on freeway to "blow out" the system. Have another "GOOD" distributor to install, but only if necessary. Only has 68,000 miles on it as it was a Dept of Trans truck used only on the lot and very seldom on freeway. I was told it "was" the distributor and also told it "was" the ignition module. Can anyone help??? Thanx. [email protected]

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Two things needed for a car to run, fuel and spark, but to run well the right combination. If you seem to have gas when it won't start, the HEI module is a good place to look. But they usually are not intermittant, they just stop working. It is much simpler to replace the module than the whole distributor. Be careful checking for spark, use something that insulates you from the plug wire. If it is working, it can give you quite a jolt.
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I assume it's cranking strong, but doesn't start, as opposed to just clicking. I'm sure this is stating the obvious, but make sure the coil wire is snapped down tightly on the distributor. Also, make sure the battery cables are not loose or corroded. Sometimes the corrosion or looseness is not obvious just by looking at it. Also, are the plugs gapped correctly?


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