94 Chevy Lumina won't start


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94 Chevy Lumina won't start

My 94 Chevy Lumina APV will not start and only makes a clicking sound when turning the key. I replaced the battery and starter but the problem is still the same. I bypassed the ignition switch with a remote starter and still only got the clicking sound. Is it electrical? Any suggestions?
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Have your battery and alternator tested again. Your alternator may be shot and that will make your battery drain down too nill.

Make sure all connections to starter are good.

Is there an alarm on this vehicle?
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Look carefully at your battery terminals. GM used a "Piggy-Back" style terminal in the early 90's That would corrodebetween layers. The inside half fed the internals, the outside fed the starter. It was possible to have a "Start" signal to the starter without having a battery feed to it. I would tend to think this is the starting point to look at. Its a relatively simple circuit, but the obvious shouldnt be overlooked. Cable connection, and cable condition are CRITICAL.
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Hotin OKC - there is no alarm.
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By all means, check the battery terminals first (Dunking them in hot black coffe does wonders..........You'll never drink the stuff again after you see what it does to battery acid).........
The other question I would have for you..........Any coolant loss issues???? 3.1's are great for intake gasket leaks and if coolant gets down in a cyl you may have a hydrostatic lock condition............If the terminals are spiffed up and the thing still won't spin try removing the plugs
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The problem was found! A loose ground wire was found and tightened back up. Problem solved. A side note was that the new starter had to be removed and the old one put back on. The new starter did not line up and was grinding due to a couple surfaces on the new starter not being milled.

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