Taurus: Sudden Transmission Failure


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Question Taurus: Sudden Transmission Failure

I am stumped, maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

My wife says she was accelerating after a turn when the car slowed, lights dimmed and then the engine turned freely like it was in neutral.

I towed it home and checked the transmission fluid- no problem with level or odor. Shifting through the gears produced no effects or sounds at all. No diagnostic code was set and no engine light was on.

Transmission Range Sensor: I disconnected the plug and it was getting voltage in the red wire. I also disconnected the harness from the computer and the TRS to see if there were any grounds from wiring to ground. None found. I reconnected the plugs and measured voltage by piercing the wires as I shifted gears(engine on). There were voltage changes as the gear position changed.

Input to Transmission from Computer: I unplugged the wires and measured resistance across the solenoids inside the transmission. Shiftin Solenoids were all 12 ohms. One other was like 18 ohms. Reconnected, turned engine on, and checked for voltage in wires going into transmission(again by piercing the wires). No changes in voltage (or even any voltage) was going to the solenoids.

Any thoughts on what to check next?

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I would say it has nothing to do with the transmission if the lights were dimming. Did she say the RPMS shut up with no acceleration? Maybe the car was about stalling? Sometimes this can feel like a tranny type issue. Test your alternator, battery, etc as well. Just a thought.

Have you tried driving it since the incident? What the car unable to move after your wife drove it, or did she freak out and you just had it towed?
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I tend to agree, the problems sounds like an electrical system problem, and/or a computer problem. But as asked above, does it run now???
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How old is the beast and home many miles, tod? I agree it could be electrical; if the alternator output goes down it will affect a lot of the elctronic stuff, including the tranny sometimes. The Taurus trannies are not known for their long life, so it's still a possibility.
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If i'm reading the post correctly the transmission will not move the car either forward or in reverse and fluid level is good. If this is the case you can eliminate/quit your electrical tests. Transmission engaugement is hydraulic operated by the pump not electrical. The lights dimming issue stated by your spouse could just be the after effects of the pump ?? or whatever going bad causing a sharp decrease in engine rpms.
If it's not trying to move at all then try to remove one end of a transmission line and let your wife start the car while you watch for fluid flow. If no flow, your looking at a possible pump, imput shaft, convertor breakage, plugged filter,etc. Also make sure an axle shaft hasn't come loose from the transmission too.
If you have engagement then continue with your electrical tests.

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