98 Windstar key problem


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98 Windstar key problem

98 Windstar "chime" with key in ignition will not stop. It's driving me crazy. Used to sometimes not do it, but frequency has increased. I also used to be able to wiggle the key and get it to stop, but not anymore. Taking the column apart has to be a bear so I'm avoiding that. I've tried some spray contact cleaner, no love there. I'd be happy to do away with the chime overall, if I knew where to disconnect it. any help appreciated.
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Try making a new key. Maybe the key you have now is worn down enough to where it's not contacting the chime switch enough. If that don't work, then you would have to replace ignition.
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I have '98 Windstar and it doesn't look that hard to get the covers off of the collunm.
The chimer sounds like it's right behind the lower cover around the collunm.
You may be able to unplug the connector to the chimer.
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thanks guys, bad back now but I'lltry to disconnect it soon. i did get a new key, but no love there.

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